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Php Code: Text - Query Filtering

Are you heard about SQL injections? It is an attack using some SQL commands in the input boxes of your site (search box for example); Then the attacker gets data or deletes records of your database. He can also create a super moderator user for himself and do everything he wants. To prevent from these attacks you must filter the texts inputted to your site.
This script offer a general function which do several filtering options. Just choose the forms of filtering you want and get the result.
You can also use this function to encode or decode strings or to omit your desired words from them.
"Special Characters" remove all non-numeric and non-alphabetic characters from the text.
"MySQL Real Escape" add slashes before quotes. It needs to connect to the database first.
"SQL Words" Removes some important words such as "UPDATE" and "INSERT" from the text.
"HTMl Characters" Removes non HTML characters.
"URL Encode" Encodes URLs.
"URL Decode" Decodes URLs.
"Base64 Encode" Encodes texts in base 64 format.
"Base64 Decode" Decodes texts in base 64 format.
"Custom Words" Removes any words inserted in the text box separated by comma.

If you don't know how to use this code or need more information Click here!

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